CROX_WIGGLE ROOM—— A New Reflection o fthe Chinese Traditional Tea House@ Xintiandi Design Festival: Together, Different but United
This year, from May 25th to June 8th, CROX together with Design Shanghai take the lead on resuming the design activities after the epidemic of the COVID19 virus. Through the event, we united all the influential architects and designers with the theme "Together! Different but United"  to cheer up the design industry, let design be the most powerful forces in our lives.
Just like every unit in the wiggle room is an independant object, but we combine them all together in different ways. So "Different but United", it still focuses on "Together". Though it stays different, when brewing together, the changes occur, therefore, echoes to the proposition.
Inspired by tea, a wiggle room was built. Each piece of tea is unique, but it has the same taste after being brewed by hot water. Each unit just like a sketch on the dynamic space, naturally formed with different furnitures to use.
The space of wiggle room is constructed by bamboo integrated materials, each section of which is connected by tenon. The modeling is modern and vivid, which boldly outlines the oriental aesthetics. The creation process expresses the unity of traditional and modern aesthetic feeling, the combination of handicraft and precision instrument, just like making a connection with every piece of tea. When brewing it, embracing an unexpected wonderful harmony. 
Put the square table in the center of the Wiggle Room, it represents the Chinese spirit and habit of drinking tea while people think and respond. In addition to express an warm welcome to the visitors.