About Us

CROX is established with the belief that the relationship between the users and the environment must reach the state of equilibriums in all space design projects.

We aim to deliver oriental humanistic values with the design philosophy of ‘avant-gardenaturalism’, creating a dialog between people and space, carefully presenting every possibility of life.

From metropolis plan, city landscape, interior decoration, exhibition design, scenery creation to window display, Crox has successfully overcome the traditional space definition and presented a new experience of communication without boundaries.


C.R. Lin

CROX Director

Born in Taipei, one all-round designer involved with urban landscape planning, architecture, interior, art exhibition. Using space interactive interpretation of concerning with human to present every possibilities. His intangible and organic of imagination reflects on diverse creation from building to glass. C.R. Lin has in-depth understand and keen observation of eastern and western culture, using the avant-garde naturalism architecture and space to spread the contemporary value of humanity. His works and design concepts are widely noted and reported by global international media.

Master of Urban Management and City Design, Domus Academy, Milano, Italy
Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chung-Hua University, Taiwan

Bentao Li

CROX Design Partner

Integrated Design
Individuate Space Form and Mutualism

Born in China, Bentao Li, the partner of CROX, is good at exploring the functional demands of diverse interior space. He can adapt the design to changing forms and materials, and then creates the most recognizable and person-environment fit works. With multilateral communication and reasoned judgments, the team he runs is in charge of the integration work form previous design to latter project construction. The design types have involved in club, restaurant, residence, office space and commercial exhibition.

Majored in Environment Art Design of the China University of Mining and Technology


2016 Curator of Milan Triennale

2016 Venice Biennale international architectural exhibition official invitation exhibition participating architects. Curator of exhibition area

2014 Italy A‘design Award

2014 China (Shanghai) interior design overall list of "2014 best task of organization

2013 Andrew Martin International Interior Design Award

2012 Modern Decoration International Media Award of annual elite designer

2012 Curator of 2012 Creative Life Festival

2009 TID Award commercial space award (Artemide Taipei)